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Direct Access MasterCard / Visa Platinum   
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Direct Access credit cards reward you instantly with distinctive privileges, offers and more!

WAIVED FOR LIFE - Pay no annual fees.
BONUS POINTS PROGRAM - Every RM1 spent = 1 Bonus Point, to redeem gifts & vouchers
ONLINE STATEMENT - Monitor your transactions online, anywhere anytime  
REGIONAL REWARDS - Receive more privileges across borders in Singapore & Indonesia  
All these exciting specials, plus other rewarding treats await you!
  Terms & Conditions apply.  

Income :

RM80,000 per annum

Minimum age :

Principal - 21 years old
Supplementary - 18 years old

Qualifications:   Recognized university degree / professional qualification
Citizenship : Malaysian

Documents required

: A photocopy of IC both sides, including Supplementary applicant's
Degree Certificates from recognized universities / professional bodies
Latest 3 months salary slip / income tax receipt / EA form
if self-employed, copies of
Business Registration Certificate or Form 9 / 24 / 49
Last 3 months business bank statements

Note: Additional credit cards will share a combined credit line.

Direct Access MasterCard / Visa Platinum
1 Annual Fee All types of cards – Waived for life

1. The Waived for life offer is applicable for Principal i.e., 1-MasterCard and 1-Visa Card.
2. Each customer is entitled to have up to 6 waived for life Supplementary cards i.e., 3-Supplementary MasterCard and 3-Supplementary Visa Card.
2 Access Shield

Death                   - coverage up to RM150k
TPD                     - coverage up to RM150k
Temporary TPD      - coverage up to RM30k
Terminal illness      - coverage up to RM30k

*RM0.32 for every RM100 outstanding balance monthly (subject to a minimum of RM50,000)

3 Finance Charge for Retail Transaction The charges are:
(a) 1.25% per month or 15% per annum if you have promptly settled your minimum payment due for 12 consecutive months
(b) 1.42% per month or 17% per annum if you have promptly settled your minimum payment due for at least 10 months in a 12-month cycle.
(c) 1.50% per month of 18% per annum if your payment record is not within either (a) or (b) above.
4 Finance Charge for Cash Transaction 1.5% per month or 18% per annum calculated on daily rest basis from transaction date to the date it is settled in full.
5 Government Service Tax RM 50 – Each Principal Card
RM 25 – Each Supplementary Card
6 Cash Advance Fee The cash advance fee is 5% of the amount advanced or a minimum of RM 15, whichever is higher. This is imposed for each cash advance transaction.
7 Minimum Monthly Repayment 5% of the outstanding balance or a minimum of RM 50 whichever is higher.
8 Late Payment Charge 1% of the total outstanding balance as at statement date or a minimum of RM 10, whichever is higher, capped to a maximum of RM 100 and will only be imposed if the minimum payment due is not paid by the due date.
9 Interest-Free Period Full payment on previous statement balance:
Enjoy an interest-free period of 20 days for all new retail transactions from statement date.

Partial or minimum payment on previous statement balance:
No interest-free period.
A finance charge will be levied on your unpaid outstanding balance and all new transactions from the date the transactions are posted.
10 Conversion For Overseas Transactions The conversion rate as determine by MasterCard International / VISA International plus an administrative cost of 1% plus, any transaction fee charged by MasterCard International / Visa International.
11 Replacement Card For lost / stolen card
1st time – RM10 per card
2nd time – RM50 per card
For other reasons – RM10 per card

Courier Charges – RM5 (WM) / RM7 (EM)
12 Sales Draft Retrieval RM15 per item
13 Statement Retrieval RM5 per statement (for statement more than 6-months due, additional RM10 per man-hour)
14 Auto-sweep Facilities Up to RM50 – RM1
RM51 to RM100 – RM2
RM101 – RM200 – RM3
RM201 and above – 5% of amount or min RM15 whichever is higher

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