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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Customized and Exclusive

Increase customer satisfaction by deploying a software-direct trading system Reduce the cost of managing expensive infrastructure

Based on the company's strong economic strength, perfect team management, and ma any years of deep experience in trading solutions,

We provide customers with White label solutions, namely OEM solutions , to build their own exclusive trademarks and brands

We offer you:

  • Direct Market Access (DMA)

  • Fast and stable network

  • One-stop trading platform for futures securities

  • Professional technical support

  • Customer and backend management system




Directly deploys equipment in data centers around the world, including Chicago, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, and other regions, to meet the needs of customers in different regions. There are active and backup dedicated line connections between each data center to ensure stability.

  • Data synchronization transmission

  • Fast transfer speed of transactions to the greatest extent.

  • Low packet loss rate        

  • More secure




Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and new exchanges are directly connected and can accept every market data.

  • Support backtesting

  • Real-time communication        

  • Read data at high frequency



The network delay between China and the United States is 143ms, and the bandwidth of the dedicated line connecting to the exchange is as high as 1G.

  • High-frequency trading

  • Directly connected to the exchange

  • Reduce market risk

Software Platform

Order execution speed is within 1ms

Supports 1,000 orders per second

Third-party Application

The self-developed APl allows third-party applications to access transactions and market conditions;

it adopts a design similar to the CTP interface, allowing users with experience in using CTP interfaces to quickly get started with development.

  • Open API interface

  • Latency greatly reduced

  • Support independent research and development and data access

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